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Everything originates from water



Water is the origin of everything.

每年的 3 月 22 日是联合国世界水日,我们不妨在这天围绕 “水” 的主题思考,人与自然与水的关系。生存和生活都离不开水的人们,要如何表达对水资源的尊重和敬意,又如何好好 “与水共舞”?

Every year on March 22 is the United Nations World Water Day, when we think about the relationships between human and nature and water. We cannot survive or live without water, hence how do we express our respect and appreciation for water resources, and live in harmony with water?

纵观全球,运用 “水” 作为设计主题的建筑设计项目不少,无论是Zumthor的「瓦尔斯浴场」(Thermal Vals)还是国际建筑大师 Alvaro Siza在中国的首座作品「实联水上大楼」,水元素在建筑与室内设计中都发挥着重要作用。


Throughout the world, there are many architectural design projects with the theme of "water". Whether it is Peter Zumthor's "The ThermeVals" or Alvaro Siza's first work in China, "The Building on the Water", water plays an important role in architecture and interior design. 

From these masterpieces, we can see that water brings together nature and architecture.



The central theme of this project is the integration of water and office space design in a project. Laswimis a water environment equipment company. This company works closely with water, and the employees here have a special insight, respect, and love for the water.


如何营造一个建筑体内外都与水环境相和谐的空间、如何表达企业与 ”水“ 的亲密关系、如何为企业员工提供一个舒适写意的工作环境、如何让人一踏进这个空间便能感知企业想要传达的文化内涵,这些都是设计团队思量的重点。

How to build a harmonious space with the interior and exterior of a building and the water environment? How to express the relationship between the company and "water"?How to provide a comfortable and enjoyable working environment for the employees in this company? How to allow people to experience the culture of this company immediately? These are some of the main emphasis of the design team to consider.



The transparent facade of the building looks like a mini water cube, while also having its own unique posture, just like the role of water in nature is the wave in the sea, the dew that moistens the buds in spring, the turbulent river, and the calm lake. If you understand the philosophy of water, you will understand the designers' intent for the building.


这同时是企业文化内涵的一种传递,比如企业 VI 色湖蓝色,比如水与气泡、动与静的结合等设计主概念,都从外至内贯穿一气。设计团队从土建工程之初便开始介入,将设计主题延伸到室内各个空间的规划,因此,从水的哲学概念,到办公环境的使用功能,无一不是内外呼应,满足美观与实用并存,同时能节省成本。

At the same time, this is a delivery of the company's cultural intention, such as the coherent use of the enterprise VI lake blue color, water and bubbles, and a combination of dynamic and static design concepts. From the beginning stages of civil engineering, the design team began to extend the theme in the planning of each indoor space. Therefore, from the philosophical concept of water to the application of the office environment, they are acting in harmony to satisfy both beauty and practicality, while maintaining affordability.


穿过门前的诺大的蓝色水池,进入本案最叫人眼前一亮的空间,10米高的中空大堂,就像激情之水在此旋转起舞。自然光线从玻璃幕墙透进室内,在白色的内墙上折射出 “气泡”般的光影。灵动的玻璃扶梯与白色的柱体,将高挑的空间“切割” 出独特的几何结构,夹层的休闲平台就像是从树上长出来的,“漂浮” 在半空中,但又跟下方环形开放的接待台相连接。

Passing through the large blue pool in front of the door to enter the brightest space--the 10-meter-high lofted lobby. Natural light penetrates the room through the glass curtain wall, reflecting bubble-like shadows on the white interior wall. The glass escalator and white columns shape the tall space into a unique geometric structure. The platform on the mezzanine looks like the crown of a tree, itis"floating" in mid-air, but connected to a ring-shaped reception desk below.


This design method completely breaks traditional patterns. Thanks to the success of the office decoration project, the lobby space integrates leisure and business, while also distinguishing the different functional areas in this office environment. More importantly, the creative practice of the design team corresponds with the innovative thinking of the company itself.


步入主体空间,从办公区到会议室再到展示厅,不难发现 ”气泡“ 元素贯穿其间。一来,企业因水而生,设计团队出于对企业行业特性的思考,静观水的原始本质,巧用媒材潜藏的特性,在不同的区间营造不同的氛围,将水的多形态特质体现在气泡与线条元素中,当水变成气泡,其形态便有了更多的可能性,员工在各个空间中便有不一样的感受。

Stepping into the mainspace, from the office area to the conference room to the exhibition hall, itis not difficult to notice the "air bubble" elements throughout. On one hand, the company works closely with water. The design team considered the characteristics of the water industry, observed the original nature of water, and used the hidden characteristics of the media to create different atmospheres in different areas, reflecting the characteristics of water in bubbles and line elements. When bubbles are formed in water, its configuration has unlimited possibilities, resulting in employees having different feelings in each space.


On the other hand, the design team also considered that the function of the office space must satisfy people's movements. For example, the office area needs to be quiet and focused, and the smart technologies of the office have played a critical role. The bubble elements along with the smart technologies, implies the company's technological innovation. The exhibition hall requires smooth circulation, and the design team exceeds the limit of traditional systems. Adding streamlined elements to the company history background wall not only makes the space livelier, but also serves a metaphor for the limitless nature of water, and it has given designers the desire to inspire people's respect for the environment.


The design team lays out different forms of water design in each area, which is in line with the dynamic and static interpretations. The image of water will achieve harmony and unity in the space. The different designs can inspire different moods for employees--focused while working, comfort while resting, peace while thinking, and exhibiting the dynamics of growth just like flowing water. These different atmospheres are presented one by one in the space, contrasting with the surrounding mountains and forests. The interior and exterior of the building form a beautiful scenery.



水的多形态展现,除了体现在室内外构造与硬装设计上,还渗透到整体空间的色彩运用和装饰细节之中,这是本案的一大特色,也是办公装饰一体化的创意与实践。设计团队在企业 VI 标准色湖蓝色的基础上,给予视觉上的补充和优化,使企业形象在空间中得以统一呈现。

The display of water is not only reflected in the structural and architectural design, but it is also revealed in the color use and decorative details of the overall space. This is a major feature of this case, and it is also the creativity and practice of integrated office decoration. In addition to the use of the enterprise VI lake blue color, the design team visually supplements and optimizes the corporate image so it can be uniformly presented in the space.

灰青、湖蓝、白群,与大面积的月光白构筑了一个静谧而流动的空间。从外立面到入口,穿过中空大堂上旋转楼梯,掠过玻璃幕墙的光影,走进办公室、会议室,游走于展厅再到休闲区,这种静谧而流动的感受随之而行。这是设计团队对人与自然、企业与 ”水“ 之关系的思考。

Grey-green, lake blue, white clusters, and large areas of moonlight white create a quiet yet dynamic space. From the facade to the entrance, through the spiral staircase in the lofted lobby, passing the light and shadow of the glass curtain wall, entering the office, meeting room, walking in the exhibition hall and then to the common area, this quiet and dynamic feeling follows. This is the design team's concept for the relationship between human and nature, and the company and "water".


Everything originates from water


The design transforms the corporate culture and natural philosophy into a brick and a tile of the building, the flowing light and shadow of the space.


Water. Bounded, but limitless.





竣工时间:2019 年 12 月





Project Name: Guangdong Laswim Pool and Spa Equipment Co., Ltd Interior Decoration and Design

Project Location: No.16, Jianye Road, Shenghui South Industrial Park, Nantou Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China

Client: Guangdong Laswim Pool and Spa Equipment Co., Ltd(Current name: LaswimWater Environment Equipment Co., Ltd.)

Start Time: December, 2019

Design Company: Guangdong SZMJ Architecture Design Engineering Co. Ltd

Head Designers: Yanzhuang Su, Yaoyu Zhou

Construction Materials: Wall Cladding, Faux Leather Wall, Marble, Dark Grey Aluminum Sheet etc.

Photo&Copywriting: IVY Photography & Production


世筑名家建筑装饰设计工程有限公司公司成立于 2002 年佛山顺德,本着 “以人为本,客户为先” 始终坚持创新,企业内部架构不断扩大,稳健的专业设计团队是其稳步成长的核心动力。「世筑名家」打造设计新思维,强化企业系统管理,严格按规范质量控制体系确保每一件输出作品的质量,并于 2017 年取得国家 ISO9001 和ISO14001 质量管理体系认证。长期服务于美的地产、绿城地产、碧桂园地产、恒大地产等地产领头,为客户软装硬装空间设计、控制预算、监理施工工艺,结合设计风格与空间功能的诉求。为客户打造个性化空间,是世筑名家人的价值与能力。



2019 年加拿大 GPD 国际大赛——优秀奖

2019 年第二十二届中国室内设计大奖赛——办公工程类入选奖

2018 年第十二届美国 IDA 国际设计大奖——入围奖

2018 年 IDS 国际设计先锋榜——金奖提名奖

2018 年澳门金莲花国际设计大师邀请赛——金奖

2018 年 APDC 亚太室内设计精英邀请赛——荣誉奖






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